VeroxAI Progress Update, April 2021

Getting ready for the next steps, in the way to conquering the summit

We would like to publish a progress update about our recent developments, achievements, and milestones ahead in the VeroxAI roadmap. Since our inception we have seen and adapted to extremely fast growth.

In a short time, we’ve managed to recruit an excellent management and operation team, developed innovative features and secured listings across several exchanges. In addition, the Verox project received accolades across media, news and review sites, and managed to sign several notable partnerships. Most importantly, we gathered a great community of early adopters: supporters and investors.

Early Beginnings:


Infrastructure Development:

Testing of the AI algorithms: SandBox environment results from the algorithm in real-time were performed as shown previously and have had excellent results i.e., accuracy fluctuation between 85% to 93%.

Development and deployment of the VeroxAI App Back-end on AWS:

Despite the restrictions due to the situation surrounding the global Covid-19 pandemic, the members of the Verox AI dev team working remotely have produced an excellent backend infrastructure. A screenshot of the AWS console where we successfully deployed and tested the VeroxAI app’s backend is pasted below.

Developments of the Front-end:

While the back-end has already been fully completed, a significant amount of work is also executed on the front-end. As they say, the front-end is the face of any project. With this said, it was not up to expectations of the leadership team and we have decided to adopt a fresh look to the UI/UX. The objective being to enhance the user experience and interface elegance, providing the best quality-focused product.

Launching VeroxAI:

Lastly, a closing message from our Project Manager- Nikhil Teltumbade:

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