Verox Staking Dapp is now live!

1 min readJan 13, 2021
Earn more VRX by holding & staking VRX. staking puts your assets to work, with high annual interest rates

Verox Staking protocol allows VRX holders to stake their VRX tokens through the dedicated Staking Dapp.

After in-depth market research done by crypto experts with the help of a senior economist, we came to the conclusion of implementing the Staking Dapp with the following factors:

(The selected values were chosen very carefully based on several reasons, in order to combine the highest potential returns by the ​​staking system, while preventing inflation that may arise from the process)

  • APR-Yearly:18%
  • Staking & Unstaking fees — Only 0.25%
  • Minimum lock time 10 Days

Staking is now live on:

As we promised since day one, we will continue to make great efforts to be able to meet our investors satisfaction, and to be able to adjust ourself to the latest trends and future changes in the ecosystem.

Verox Team