Turning A Dream Into Reality!

Verox Road Map

From a new creative idea born to mass adoption. What we have done so far, and how do we plan to achieve our milestones and to meet our goals.

November 2020

Vision & Comprehensive Project Research — How to create a solid quality-focused and friendly-user product and to apply the token’s best economic factors

December 2020

Website Launch + whitepaper

January 2021

Recruitment of two more teams as external sources in addition to the existing one, in order to streamline processes and to cover more currencies & analysis.

February 2021

Start of UI UX design for Verox app

March 2021

Publishing Verox DEX business plan: A crypto, derivatives and synthetic assets protocol with next generation AMM and orderbook!

April 2021

Significant improvement and giving a fresh look to the UI/UX design.

May-June 2021

Technological partnership between Verox DEX and Polygon Network(Matic), to ensure scalability, low fees and fast transactions!

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