Turning A Dream Into Reality!

Verox Road Map

From a new creative idea born to mass adoption. What we have done so far, and how do we plan to achieve our milestones and to meet our goals.


November 2020

Vision & Comprehensive Project Research — How to create a solid quality-focused and friendly-user product and to apply the token’s best economic factors

Recruitment of team —We built a motivated, multidisciplinary, extremely ambitious and passionate team combining experts from diverse fields, with a proven track record

Planning: BRD, SRF, FSD

Legalization and regulation

Creation of smart contract

Deployment of token

Smart contract audit

December 2020

Website Launch + whitepaper

Beginning of pre-sale stage

Smart marketing — using unconventional marketing and different promotion methods and strategies to create awareness, trust and community growth

Airdrop and giveaways to the community

Partnering with one the top agencies for crypto marketing & PR — Flexe.io

Ranked number 1 in the world as AI influencer on social media

Reached out by the legendary business consultant & strategist, top digital marketer and angel Investor Brian D. Evans — Inc.500 Entrepeuner

Exponential growth on social media (more than 35k twitter followers + 5000 telegram group members)

Creating promotional and instructional videos in different languages

Mentioned by the top crypto influencers (Such as@CryptoNekoZ, @JoshRoomsburg, @HerroCrypto, @CryptoChihiro, @VEGETACRYPTO1, @cryptomocho, @beautyofhelin and more… )

Development of the AI and machine learning algorithms

January 2021

Recruitment of two more teams as external sources in addition to the existing one, in order to streamline processes and to cover more currencies & analysis.

Cointelegraph Press Release and continuous social media marketing

Development & Testing — React Native, NODE.JS

Staking Dapp Launch (And staking contract audit)

Market launch, DEX & CEX exchanges listing (six exchanges) and liquidity locking on Unicrypt for one year

Listed on coinmarketcap, coingecko, coinpare + Etherscan info updated

2500 VRX tokens have been burnt (5% of the supply)

Partnership with Reblock Digital and welcoming on board one of the top 500 entrepeuners in the world @BrianDEvans & his business partner @kenny_izevbigie via https://reblock.digital as strategic advisors to get mainstream attention, partnerships and help us growing

Testing the AI algorithms: SandBox environment results from the algorithm in real time showing success fluctuation between 85% to 93%

February 2021

Start of UI UX design for Verox app

Followed by the billionare investor, the one and only- Mark Cuban on twitter, who turned out to be a VRX investor too!

Complementation of all the regulatory analysis papers for VRX as a utility token

Hiring another 3 AI, ML & Data Science developers for a new feature “Top Picks” — AI Module for long term crypto prediction initiation

Discussing and finalizing future plans of potential development and integration of an AI-powered decentralized crypto exchange for automated trading

Creating Verox NFT cards, to be listed on Opensea with VRX- The NFT card will be connected to the price data of VRX market through Coingecko API:
Art, Data and Token Use in a single pack:

Strategic partnerships (including partnerships with oracle analytics applications)

Deployment of Verox app

March 2021

Launch of Verox web and mobile applications (Android & iOS)

Massive app digital marketing

Integrating VRX payments in Verox app

Planning Future developments

Releasing another 4 months roadmap for

Mass adoption

** Some processes may take more than the month they are mentioned in. We will continue to update the roadmap as we achieve our milestones and create more plans to take this venture to the next level ! ***

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