The Journey To Revolutionize Crypto Investment Has Begun!

A brief on Verox platform and the included features

Verox Platform’s project scope is out now:

  • Buy/sell signals on charts
  • Metered form (from strong buy to strong sell) to any chosen currency
  • Daily top recommendations
  • News related to each selected currency
  • Top trending coins (by social media appearing, 24h volume change, etc...)
  • Trading setups, and investment opportunities
An illustration of the data gathering, processing and presenting the analytical results with the help of Verox’s AI technology

The recent notable adds by the 2 extra sources teams:

1. An AI developed algorithm for finding the best yield farming annual percentage rates (APRs) to farm.

  • The 2 mentioned models above will be stored in pickle files, and at the end, the teams will build APIS using flask to integrate the results into the web and mobile applications.



The best crypto investment AI based picker

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