Bringing All The Crypto Communities Under One Roof

Feb 19, 2021


How are we engaging the cryptocurrencies communities to explore Verox app, while increasing the utility and use case of VRX?
The score ranking system and community element explained.

Coin Analyzer (The score ranking system):

In this section inside Verox app, the user will be able to select any coin, and the ranking system will calculate the final score of it based off the 12 most important factors that determine how good a coin is.

This module will reflect collective results from different computations which are part of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and a community voting system (Survey based).

All The factors are scored against 100:

(The system is constantly monitored and overseen by the team if intervention is ever required).

* Allow your voice to be heard. Become a VRX holder and vote for your favorite coin.