Getting ready for the next steps, in the way to conquering the summit

We would like to publish a progress update about our recent developments, achievements, and milestones ahead in the VeroxAI roadmap. Since our inception we have seen and adapted to extremely fast growth.

In a short time, we’ve managed to recruit an excellent management and operation team, developed innovative features and…

How are we engaging the cryptocurrencies communities to explore Verox app, while increasing the utility and use case of VRX?
The score ranking system and community element explained.

Coin Analyzer (The score ranking system):

In this section inside Verox app, the user will be able to select any coin, and the ranking system will calculate the final score of it based off the 12 most important factors that determine how good a coin is.

This module will reflect collective results from different computations which are part of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and a community voting system (Survey based).

All The factors are scored against 100:

(The system is constantly monitored and overseen by the team if intervention is ever required).

* Allow your voice to be heard. Become a VRX holder and vote for your favorite coin.

A brief on Verox platform and the included features

These have been two intense months, but worth every single moment!

The support, enthusiasim and interest we are getting on daily basis from all the over the world starting from crypto enthusiasts, AI fans to some of the the world’s leading entrepreneurs is beyond borders, and definitely not taken for…

Earn more VRX by holding & staking VRX. staking puts your assets to work, with high annual interest rates

Verox Staking protocol allows VRX holders to stake their VRX tokens through the dedicated Staking Dapp.

After in-depth market research done by crypto experts with the help of a senior economist, we came to the conclusion of implementing the Staking Dapp with the following factors:

(The selected values were chosen very carefully based on several reasons, in order to combine the highest potential returns by the…

Verox Road Map

From a new creative idea born to mass adoption. What we have done so far, and how do we plan to achieve our milestones and to meet our goals.


November 2020

Vision & Comprehensive Project Research — How to create a solid quality-focused and friendly-user product and to apply the token’s…


The best crypto investment AI based picker

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